Dreaming of a Green Holiday: Keep Martin Beautiful’s Guide to an Eco-Friendly Season!

Posted on November 5, 2023

While holiday time in Florida might not bring snow, it sure brings heaps of waste – a whopping 25% increase between Thanksgiving and Christmas! This year, let’s paint the town green with these eco-friendly tips from Keep Martin Beautiful:

1.  Wrap it Right: Ditch the traditional wrapping paper and get creative:

  • Use recycled paper or the comics section of a newspaper.
  • Scarves double as gorgeous gift wraps and presents.
  • Decorate plain brown bags with flair, minus the glitter.
  • Better yet, skip the wrapping altogether – it’s your thought that counts!

2. Deck the Halls Sustainably: Transform your holiday decor with a touch of green magic:

  • Invest in a live Christmas tree with roots for replanting.
  • If artificial, choose recycled PVC trees for a greener option.
  • Opt for LED lights – they’re 95% more energy-efficient.
  • String popcorn instead of tinsel for a classic, eco-friendly look.
  • Embrace nature: paint pinecones or use branches for a rustic vibe.

3.  Gifts That Give Back: Spread love while being kind to the environment:

  • Explore thrift stores for unique, affordable finds while supporting charitable causes.
  • Give plants or herb gardens – decorative, healthy, and eco-friendly.
  • Donate to a local or global nonprofit in someone’s name.
  • Shop locally and support unique community businesses.
  • Gift experiences like massages, concerts, or painting classes.
  • Choose recycled items or high-quality reusable products.

4. Clean Up Green: Be mindful when cleaning up post-celebrations:

  • Recycle what you can and find new purposes for items.
  • Compost organic waste to enrich the soil.
  • Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce your impact.
  • Make sure you dispose of your Christmas tree properly. Learn more here.

This holiday season, let’s reimagine our celebrations, making small changes that make a big difference. Together, we can truly go green and stay green! From all of us at Keep Martin Beautiful, we wish you a joyous and eco-friendly holiday season.


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