Environmental Stewardship Awards

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Piper's Landing Yacht & Country Club

Keep Martin Beautiful hosts the Environmental Stewardship Awards to recognize and reward notable efforts within the community to promote environmental stewardship and innovation through education and action.

We recognize individuals, businesses, civic and nonprofit groups, and government agencies that are improving our local environment and quality of life.  Areas of focus include: community and neighborhood revitalization; litter and marine debris removal; recycling programs; river advocacy; innovation and stewardship; youth engagement and education.



Sponsorship opportunities are still available!

To view a list of 2022 award winners, click here.

To view our event program and learn more about the 2022 nominees, click here.

To view a list of 2022 Environmental Stewardship Awards Nominees, click here.

For more information contact us at 772-781-1222 or info@keepmartinbeautiful.org.

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